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     This page sorts the bibliographic references from University Thesis that helped with the construction of this site and of interest to anyone specializing in the alkaline intrusive field or willing to conduct some research on Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Universities Papers (by university)

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  Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
B.Sc. Thesis - Studies of astrophyllite from Mont St. Hilaire, Québec.
     Martin D., 1975.

M.Sc. Thesis - Cell parameters, optical properties and chemical
     composition in sodic amphiboles. Chen T.T., 1969.

M.Sc. Thesis - Studies on eudialyte and eucolite. Ho-Tun E., 1970.

M.Sc. Thesis - Studies of the mineral analcime from Mount St.-Hilaire,
     Québec. Wells G.S., 1975.

M.Sc. Thesis - Structure and polytypism of synchisite and parisite from
     Mont St. Hilaire, Québec. Cheang K.K., 1977.

M.Sc. Thesis - A study of UK 27, a new thorium mineral, with remarks
     on the mineralogy and behaviour of thorium. Ansell V.E., 1985.

Ph.D. Thesis - The crystal structure of three minerals, Phosinaite-(Ce),
     Abenakiite-(Ce) and Yoshimuraite with remarks on the crystal
     chemistry of silicophosphates. McDonald A.M., 1992.
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  Ecole polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
M.Sc. Thesis - La minéralogie des intrusions alcalines du Mont St-Hilaire,
     P.Q. Boissonault J., 1966.

Ph.D. Thesis - La méthode d'addition symbolique et la définition de la
     structure cristalline de l'ekanite de St-Hilaire, P.Q. Richard A.J., 1971.

Ph.D. Thesis - Détermination de la structure atomique de la lemoynite
     (Na,K)2CaZr2Si10O26 ยท 5-6H2O. Lepage Y.,1974.

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  McGill University, Montréal, Canada
Ph.D. Thesis - The thermal history of the Monteregian intrusives based
     on a study of the feldspars. Pouliot G., 1962.

Ph.D. Thesis - The relationship between the limestones and the alkaline
     igneous rocks of Oka and St. Hilaire, Québec. Gold D.P., 1963.

Ph.D. Thesis - The petrology of nepheline syenites at Mount St.Hilaire.
     Rajasekaran K.C., 1966.

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  University of Toronto, Canada
B.Sc. Thesis - Elpidite and narsarsukite from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec.
     Falls R.B., 1983.

M.Sc. Thesis - Ewaldite, a possible member of the weloganite group, and
     UK# 62, a new sodium calcium fluorocarbonate from Mont Saint-
     Hilaire, Québec. McDonald A.N., 1989.

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