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     This page contains all bibliographic references that either helped with the construction of this site or of interest to anyone specializing in the alkaline intrusive field or willing to conduct some research on Mont Saint-Hilaire. This section lists the references in alphabetical order by title.

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- A -
Abenakiite-(Ce), a new silicophosphate carbonate mineral from Mont
   Saint-Hilaire, Quebec: Description and structure determination,
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Ancylite-(La), Sr(La,Ce)(CO3)2 · (OH) * H2O - a new carbonate from a
   hydrothermal vein, Mount Kukisvumchorr (Khibiny massif), and comparison
   with ancylite-(Ce), Yakovenchuk V.N., Menshikov Yu.P., Pakhomovsky
   Ya.A. and Ivanyuk G. Yu.
. Russian Mineralogical Society, 126:96-108,
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A new mineral - fluorbritholite-(Ce), Gu J., Chao G.Y. and Tang S.
   Journal Wuhan University of Technology, 9(3):9-14, 1994.

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A study of the neotocite group, Clark A.M., Easton A.J. and Mount M.
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. AM 56:1121, 1970.
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- B -
Ba- and Ti-rich primary biotite from the Brome alkaline igneous complex,
   Monteregian hills, Quebec - mechanics of substitution, Henderson, C.M.B.,
   Foland, K.A.
. CM 34:1241-1252 , 1996.

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- C -
Calcian ancylite from Pennsylvania: New data, Keidel F.A., Montgomery A.,
   Wolfe C.W. and Christian R.P.
. MR 2:18-36, 1971.

Calcio-burbankite, Na3(Ca,REE,Sr)3(CO3)5, a new mineral species from
   Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, and its relationship to the burbankite group
   of minerals, Van Velthuizen J., Gault R.A. and Grice J.D..
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Carletonite, KNa4Ca4Si8O18(CO3)4(F,OH) · H2O a new mineral from Mount
   St. Hilaire, Quebec, Chao G.Y.. AM 56:1855-66, 1971.

Catapleiite from St. Hilaire Mountain, Quebec, Pendlebury G.B..
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Catapleiite from St.-Hilaire, P.Q., Machairas G. and Perrault G..
   CM 8:398, 1965.
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Cell parameters, optical properties and chemical composition in sodic
   amphiboles, Chen T.T.. M. Sc. Thesis, Carleton University, Ottawa,
   Canada, 1969.

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   Piilonen, P.C.; Pekov, I.V.; Back, M.; Steede, T.; Gault, R.A..
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- D -
Dana's New Mineralogy, 8th Edition, Gaines, R.V., Catherine H., Skinner
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- E -
Elpidite and narsarsukite from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Falls R.B..
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- F -
Fe-bearing trioctahedral micas from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Lalonde
   A.E., Rancourt D.G. and Chao G.Y.
. MM 60:447-460, 1996.

First terrestrial occurrence of titanium-rich pyrrhotite, marcasite, and pyrite in
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Further discussion, Mandarino J.A.. MR 2:272, 1971.
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- G -
Gaidonnayite, Na2ZrSi3O9 · 2H2O, a new mineral from Mont St.-Hilaire,
   Quebec, Chao G.Y., Watkinson D.H.. CM 12:316-319, 1974.

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- H -
Hilairite, Na2ZrSi3O9 · 3H2O, a new mineral from Mont St.-Hilaire, Quebec,
   Chao G.Y., Watkinson D.H. and Chen T.T.. CM 12:237-240, 1974.

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- I -
Identity of calcium rinkite and götzenite, Sahama T.G.. AM 45:221-224, 1960.

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- K -
Kentbrooksite from the Kangerdlugssuaq intrusion, East Greenland, a
   new Mn-REE-Nb-F end-member in a series within the eudialyte group:
   Description and crystal structure. Johnsen O., Grice J.D. and
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- L -
Leifite, revised, and karpinskyite, discredited, (abstract), Micheelsen H.
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Les pegmatites de la syénite sodalitique de l'isle Rouma (Archipel de Los,
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- M -
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- N -
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- O -
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