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     This page contains an exhaustive list of bibliographic references from Books, Magazines and Symposiums that helped with the construction of this site and of interest to anyone specializing in the alkaline intrusive field or willing to conduct some research on Mont Saint-Hilaire.

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Dana's New Mineralogy 8th Edition, Gaines R.V., Catherine H.,
     Skinner W., Foord E.E., Mason B. and Rosenzweig A.
     Wiley's and Son, New York, 1997.

Encyclopedia of Mineral Names, Blackburn W.H. and Dennen W.H.,
     The Canadian Mineralogist, Ottawa, 1997.

Glossary of Mineral Species, Fleischer M. and Mandarino J.A.,
     The Mineralogical Record Inc, Tucson, 1995.

Micro Minerals of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Fisher R.W. and Glenn G.H.,
     Niagara Falls, Ontario, 1989.

Minerals first discovered on the territories of the former Soviet Union,
     Pekov I.V., Moscow State University, 1997.

Minerals of the Kovdor Massif, Ivanyuk G.Yu. and Yakovenchuk V.N.,
     Russian Academy of Sciences, 1997.

Monteregian Treasures - The minerals of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec,
     Mandarino J.A. and Anderson V., Cambridge University Press,
     New York, 1988.

The Complete Book of Micromounting, Wight, Q., The Mineralogical
     Record Inc., Tucson, Arizona, 1993.

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  European Journal of Mineralogy
8:1327-1336 - Kukharenkoite-(Ce), Ba2Ce(CO3)3F, a new mineral from
     Kola peninsula, Russia, and Québec, Canada. Zaitsev A.N.,
     Yakovenchuk V.N., Chao G.Y., Gault R.A., Subbotin V.V.,
     Pakhomosky Y.A. and Bogdanova A.N.
, 1996.

10:133-147 - Structural changes in the natural zeolite gismondine (GIS)
     induced by cation exchange with Ag, Cs, Ba, Li, Na, K and Rb.
     Bauer, W.H., 1998.

10:207-219 - Kentbrooksite from the Kangerdlugssuaq intrusion, East
     Greenland, a new Mn-REE-Nb-F end-member in a series within the
     eudialyte group: Description and crystal structure. Johnsen O.,
     Grice J.D. and Gault R.A.
, 1998.

10:1167-1180 - A preliminary study of methane inclusions in alkaline
     igneous rocks of the Kola igneous province, Russia: Implications for
     the origin of methane in igneous rocks. Potter, J., Rankin A.H.,
     Treloar P.J., Nivin V.A., Ting W.P. and Ni P.
, 1998.
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  Mineralogical Magazine
23:305-308 - Studies on zeolites. Part IV. Ashcroftine (kalithompsonite of
     S.G. Gordon). Hey M.H. and Bannister F.A., 1933.

31:455-468 - An X-ray investigation of some rare eath silicates: cerite,
     lessingite, beckelite, britholite and stillwelite. Gay P., 1957.

31:503-510 - Götzenite and combeite, two new silicates from the Belgian
     Congo. Sahama T.G. and Hytonen M.A., 1957.

31:726-735 - Zeophyllite. Chalmers R.A., Dent L.S. and Taylor H.F.W.,

33:173-186 - Garronite, a new zeolite, from Ireland and Iceland.
     Walker G.P.L., 1962.

37:515-517 - Ashcroftine is not a zeolite! Moore P.B., Bennett J.M.
     and Louisnathan S.J.
, 1969.

40:627-636 - Genthelvite and the helvine group. Dunn P.J., 1976.
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42:251-254 - The twin formation of tugtupite, a contribution.
     Petersen O.V., 1978.

42:279-280 - A study of the neotocite group. Clark A.M., Easton A.J.
     and Mount M.
, 1978 (M26-30).

46:365-369 - Gobbinsite, a new zeolite mineral from the Co. Antrim,
     North Ireland. Nawaz R. and Malone J.F., 1982.

60:447-460 - Fe-bearing trioctahedral micas from Mont Saint-Hilaire,
     Quebec. Lalonde A.E., Rancourt D.G. and Chao G.Y., 1996.

61:485-498 - The agpaitic rocks - an overview. Sorensen H., 1997.

62:225-250 - REE-Sr-Ba minerals from the Khibina carbonatites, Kola
     peninsula, Russia: their mineralogy, paragenesis and evolution.
     Zaitsev, A.N. et al., 1998.

62:769-782 - Lueshite, pyrochlore, and monazite-(Ce) from apatite-dolomite
     carbonatite, Lesnaya Varaka complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia.
     Chakhmouradian, A.R. et al., 1998.

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  Mineralogical Record
1:105-112 - Mineral rings and cylinders. Bideaux R., 1970.

2:18-36 - Calcian ancylite from Pennsylvania: New data. Keidel F.A.,
     Montgomery A., Wolfe C.W. and Christian R.P.
, 1971.

2:141-142 - New minerals from Mt. St-Hilaire, Québec. Agos T.,
     Richerson, D. and Regis A.
, 1971.

2:269 - New minerals from Mt. St.-Hilaire, Québec. A discussion.
     Mandarino J.A. and Perrault G., 1971.

2:270-271 - A reply to the discussion. Regis A.J. and Richerson D.,

2:272 - Further discussion. Mandarino J.A., 1971.

8:368-379 - Mineralogy of the Green River Formation. Milton C.,1977.

10:98 - Epididymite from Mont St.-Hilaire, Québec. Wight Q., 1979.
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10:99-101 - What's new from Mont St. Hilaire. Chao G.Y., Baker J., 1979.

10:103-08 - Microminerals. Anderson, V.,1979.

10:970 - Oriented overgrowth of labuntsovite on elpidite from Mont
     St.-Hilaire,Québec, Canada. Henderson W., 1979.

11:83-91 - Rare fluorides from a soda granite in the Oslo region, Norway.
     Raade G. and Haug J., 1980.

13:241-247 - Microminerals - Mineral paragenesis at Mont St.-Hilaire.
     Henderson W., 1982.

21:361-368 - A hornfels in the Poudrette quarry. Van Velthuizen J., 1990.

21:363-369 - Mont Saint-Hilaire unknowns. Chao G.Y., Conlon R.P. and
     Van Velthuizen J.
, 1990.

21:284-359 - The mineralogy of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec. Horvath L.
     and Gault R.A.
, 1990.

29:83-117 - Mineralogy of the Saint-Amable Sill, Varennes and Saint-
     Amable, Québec. Horváth L., Pfenninger-Horváth E., Gault R.A.
     and Tarassoff P.
, 1998.

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  Rocks & Minerals
54:4-25 - The Minerals of Mont St. Hilaire. Marble, L., and Regis, A., 1979.

61:182-197 - Mont Saint-Hilaire revisited. Wight, Q., and Chao, G.Y., 1986.

70:90-99 - Mont Saint-Hilaire revisited part 2. Wight, Q., and Chao, G.Y.,

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  Other sources
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 32:1350-1364 - The eight classical
     monteregian hills at depth and the mechanism of their intrusion.
     Geininger T. and Goodacre A.K., 1995.

Lapis 25, #7/8:23-61 - Die mineralien des Mont Saint-Hilaire. Horváth L.
   and Pfenninger-Horváth E.
, 2000.

Lapis 25, #7/8:13-22 - Mineralogisches "Schatzk�stchen" im S�dosten
   Kanadas: Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec. Horváth L. and Pfenninger-
   Horváth E.
, 2000.

Rivista Mineralogica Italiana 24, #3:140-202 - I minerali di Mont
   Saint-Hilaire. Horváth L. and Pfenninger-Horváth E., 2000.

Rochester Mineralogical Symposium, p.187 - Annite, biotite and
     siderophyllite from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Lalonde A.E. and
     Chao G.Y.
, 1997.

Rochester Mineralogical Symposium, pp187-188 - Lemoynite and
     lemoynite-like minerals from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec.
     McDonald A.M., 1997.

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