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     This page contains an exhaustive list of bibliographic references from
The Canadian Mineralogist that helped with the construction of this site and of interest to anyone specializing in the alkaline intrusive field or willing to conduct some research on Mont Saint-Hilaire.

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  Volumes 1 - 9
8:120-121 - Catapleiite from St. Hilaire Mountain, Québec.
     Pendlebury G.B., 1966.

8:132 - Serandite from St. Hilaire, Québec. Boissonault J. and
     Perrault G.
, 1965.

8:393 - Eucolite from St. Hilaire, P.Q. Boissonault J. and
     Perrault G.
, 1965.

8:398 - Catapleiite from St.-Hilaire, P.Q. Machairas G. and
     Perrault G.
, 1965.

8:398 - Mangan-neptunite, epididymite, and new species from Mont
     St.-Hilaire. Mandarino J.A., Harris D.C. and Bradley J., 1965.

8:506-514 - Narsarsukite from Mont St. Hilaire, Québec, Canada.
     Rajasekaran K.C., 1966.

8:662-663 - Minerals from the Désourdy quarry. Chao G.Y. and
     Hounslow A.W.
, 1966.
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8:671 - Polylithionite from St. Hilaire, P.Q. Perrault G., 1966.

8:706-709 - Epididymite from Mont St.-Hilaire, Québec, Canada.
     Harris D.C. and Mandarino J.A., 1966.

9:109-123 - Minerals from the nepheline syenite. Chao G.Y., Harris D.C.,
     Hounslow A.W., Mandarino J.A. and Perrault G.
, 1967.

9:286-87 - Leucophanite, elpidite, narsarukite from the Désourdy quarry.
     Chao G.Y., 1967

9:468-477 - Weloganite, a new strontium zirconium carbonate from
     Montréal Island, Canada. Sabina A.P., Jambor J.L. and
     Plant A.G.
, 1968.

9:585-596 - La lemoynite, un nouveau silicate hydraté de zirconium
     et de sodium de St.-Hilaire, Québec. Perrault G., Semenov E.I.,
     Bikova A.V. and Capitonova T.A.
, 1969.

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  Volumes 10 - 14
10:143 - Associations minérales des accidents pegmatiques du Mont
     St. Hilaire. Perrault G. and Gelinas L., 1969.

10:143-144 - UK-19-1 et UK-19-2, deux nouveaux silicates hydratés
     de niobium de Mont St. Hilaire, P.Q. Perrault G., Vicat J. and
     Sang N.
, 1969.

10:411-420 - An hypothesis on the origin of alkaline rocks suggested
     by the tectonic setting of the Monteregian Hills. Currie K.L., 1970.

10:421-431 - Monteregian alkalic magmatism and the St. Lawrence rift
     system in space and time. Kumarapeli P.S., 1970.

10:723-729 - Molybdenites polytypes in the Royal Ontario Museum.
     Mandarino J.A. and Gait R.I., 1970.

11:569 - A new occurrence of miserite from the Kipawa Lake area,
     Temiscamingue Co. Québec. Berry I.G., Lin His-Che and
     Davis G.C.
, 1972.

11:812-818 - Carbocernaite, a Canadian occurrence. Harris D.C., 1972.
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11:851-860 - Leucosphenite from Mont St.-Hilaire, Québec.
     Chao G.Y. and Watkinson D.H.,1972.

11:913-929 - L'ékanite de St-Hilaire, P.Q. Perrault G. and Richard P.,

12:143-44 - The crystal structure of gaidonnayite, orthorhombic
     Na2ZrSi3O9 � 2H2O. Chao G.Y., 1973.

12:237-240 - Hilairite, Na2ZrSi3O9 � 3H2O, a new mineral from Mont
     St.-Hilaire, Québec. Chao G.Y., Watkinson D.H. and Chen T.T.,

12:316-319 - Gaidonnayite, Na2ZrSi3O9 � 2H2O a new mineral from
     Mont St.-Hilaire, Québec. Chao G.Y., Watkinson D.H., 1974.

12:342-345 - Burbankite from Mont St-Hilaire, Québec. Chen T.T. and
     Chao G.Y.
, 1974.
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13:22-26 - X-ray crystallography of weloganite. Chao G.Y. and
     Chen T.T.
, 1975.

13:68-74 - La yofortierite, un nouveau silicate hydraté de manganèse de
     St. Hilaire, P.Q. Perrault G., Harvey Y. and Pertsowsky R., 1975.

13:93-94 - Cordylite from Mont St-Hilaire, Québec. Chen T.T. and
     Chao G.Y.
, 1975.

13:209-216 - The crystal structure of triclinic weloganite. Grice J.D.
     and Perrault G.
, 1975.

14:132-138 - Structure cristalline de la lemoynite, (Na,K)2CaZr2Si10)26
     � 5-6H2O. Lepage Y. and Perrault G., 1976.

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  Volumes 15 - 19
15:102-107 - Parakeldyshite from Norway. Raade G. and Mladeck M.H.,

15:117-120 - Dawsonite-fluorite relationship at Montreal area localities.
     Stevenson J.S. and Stevenson L.S., 1977.

16:195-198 - The identity of alpha-catapleiite and gaidonnayite.
     Mandarino J.A. and Sturman B.D., 1978.

16:335-340 - Donnayite, NaCaSr3Y(CO3)6 � 3H2O, a new mineral from
     Mont St-Hilaire, Québec. Chao G.Y., Mainwaring P.R. and
     Baker J.
, 1978.

16:561-65 - Monteregianite, a new hydrous sodium potassium yttrium
     silicate mineral from Mont St-Hilaire, Québec. Chao G.Y., 1978.

18:25-29 - Sabinaite, a new anhydrous zirconium-bearing carbonate
     mineral from Montreal Island, Québec. Jambor J.L., Sturman B.D.
     and Weatherly G.C.
, 1980.

18:77-84 - Tetranatrolite from Mont St-Hilaire, Québec. Chen T.T. and
     Chao G.Y.
, 1980.
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18:85-88 - Paranatrolite, a new zeolite from Mont St. Hilaire, Québec.
     Chao G.Y., 1980.

18:497-502 - Petarasite, a new hydrated sodium zirconium hydroxyl-
     chlorosilicate mineral from Mont St. Hilaire, Québec. Chao G.Y.
     and Chen T.T.
, 1980.

18:503-509 - Petarasite, Na5Zr2Si6O18(Cl,OH) � 2H2O a zeolite type
     zirconosilicate. Ghose S., Wan Che'ng and Chao G.Y., 1980.

19:337-340 - Spertiniite, Cu(OH)2, a new mineral from the Jeffrey mine,
     Québec. Grice J.D. and Gasparini E., 1981.

19:373-376 - Nahpoite, Na2HPO4, a new mineral from the Big Fish area,
     Yukon Territory. Coleman L.C. and Robertson, B.T., 1981.

19:411-413 - Additional data on petarasite from Mont St. Hilaire, Québec.
     Perrault G., Chao G.Y. and Chen T.T., 1981.

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  Volumes 20 - 24
20:59-63 - Steacyite, a new name and a re-evaluation of the nomenclature
     of "ekanite"-group minerals. Perrault G. and Szymanski J.T., 1982.

20:65-75 - A mineralogical study and crystal structure determination of
     nonmetamict ekanite, ThCa2Si8O20. Szymanski J.T., Owens D.R.,
     Roberts A.C., Ansell H.G. and Chao G.Y.
, 1982.

20:77-85 - Nordstandite from Mont St-Hilaire, Québec. Chao G.Y. and
     Baker J.
, 1982.

21:549-552 - The structure of hackmannite, a variety of sodalite, from
     Mont St-Hilaire, Québec. Peterson R.C., 1983.

22:239-243 - Franconite, a new hydrated Na-Nb oxide mineral from
     Montréal Island, Québec. Jambor J.L., Sabina A.P., Roberts A.C.,
     Bonardi M., Ramik R.A. and Sturman B.D.
, 1984.

23:11-15 - The crystal structure of gaidonnayite Na2ZrSi3O9 � 2H2O.
     Chao G.Y., 1985.
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23:17-19 - Sabinaite: a new occurrence and new data. Chao G.Y. and
     Gu J.
, 1985.

23:21-28 - Doyleite, a new polymorph of Al (OH3), and its relationship to
     bayerite, gibbsite and nordstrandite. Chao G.Y., Baker J.,
     Sabina A.P. and Roberts A.C.
, 1985.

23:577-582 - The relative stability of elpidite and vlsaovite, a P-T indicator
     for peralkaline rocks. Currie K.L. and Zaleski E., 1985.

24:449-453 - Hochelagaite, a new calcium-niobium oxide mineral from
     Montréal, Québec. Jambor J.L., Sabina A.P., Roberts A.C.,
     Bonardi M. Owens D.R. and Sturman B.D.
, 1986.

24:417-419 - Hydrogen bonding in gaidonnayite. Donnay G. and
     Chao G.Y.
, 1986.

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  Volumes 25 - 29
25:181-183 - Thornasite, a new hydrous sodium thorium silicate from
     Mont St Hilaire, Québec. Ansell V.E., Chao G.Y., 1987.

25:763-766 - Poudretteite KNaB3Si12O30, a new member of the osumilite
     group from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec. Grice J.D., Ercit T.S.,
     Van Velthuizen J. and Dunn P.J.
, 1987.

27:125-127 - Griceite, LiF, a new mineral species from Mont Saint-Hilaire,
     Québec. Van Velthuizen J. and Chao G.Y., 1989.

27:193-197 - Refinement of the crystal structure of leucophanite.
     Grice J.D. and Hawthorne F.C., 1989.

29:107-112 - Rouvilleite, a new sodium calcium fluorocarbonate mineral
     from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. McDonald A.M., Chao G.Y. and
     Ramik R.A.
, 1991.

29:355-358 - , Perraultite, a new hydrous Na-K-Ba-Mn-Ti-Nb silicate
     species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Chao G.Y., 1991.
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29:359-362 - Silinaite, a new sodium lithium silicate hydrate mineral from
     Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Chao G.Y., Grice J.D. and Gault R.A.,

29:363-367 - The crystal structure of silinaite, NaLiSi2O5 � 2H2O: a
     monophyllosilicate. Grice J.D., 1991.

29:385-390 - The crystal structure and thermal expansion of tugtupite,
     Na8(Al2Be2Si8O24)Cl2. Hassan J. and Grundy H.D., 1991.

29:565-568 - Nalipoite, sodium dilithium phosphate, a new mineral species
     from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Chao G.Y. and Ercit T.S., 1991.

29:569-574 - The crystal structure of nalipoite. Ercit T.S., 1991.

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  Volumes 30 - 34
31:147-152 - The crystal structure of stillwelite. Burns P.C., Hawthorne
     F.C., McDonald D.J., Della Ventura G. and Parodi G.C.
, 1993.

32:405-414 - Petersenite-(Ce), a new mineral from Mont Saint-Hilaire and
     its structural relationship to other REE carbonates. Grice J.D.,
     Van Velthuizen J. and Gault R.A.
, 1994.

32:843-854 - Abenakiite-(Ce), a new silicophosphate carbonate mineral
     from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec: Description and structure
     determination. McDonald A.M., Chao G.Y. and Grice J.D., 1994.

32:855-864 - Gaultite, a new zeolite-like mineral species from Mont
     Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, and its crystal structure. Ercit T.S. and
     Van Velthuizen J.
, 1994.

33:1231-1236 - Calcio-burbankite, Na3(Ca,REE,Sr)3(CO3)5, a new
     mineral species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, and its relationship
     to the burbankite group of minerals. Van Velthuizen J., Gault R.A.
     and Grice J.D.
, 1995.
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34:301-324 - The formation of quartz syenite by crustal contamination
     at Mt Shefford and other monteregian complexes, Quebec.
     Landoll J.D. and Foland K.A., 1996.

34:649-655 - The crystal structure of Shomiokite-(Y). Grice J.D., 1996.

34:811-816 - The crystal structure of sabinaite, Na4Zr2TiO4(CO3)4.
      McDonald A.M., 1996.

34:1241-1252 - Ba- and Ti-rich primary biotite from the Brome alkaline
     igneous complex, Monteregian hills, Quebec - mechanics of substitution.
     Henderson, C.M.B., Foland, K.A., 1996.

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  Volumes 35 - 39
35:181-187 - Sheldrickite, a new sodium-calcium-fluorocarbonate mineral
     species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Grice J.D., Gault R.A. and
     Van Velthuizen J.
, 1997.

35:743-750 - Horvathite-(Y), rare earth fluorocarbonate, a new mineral
     species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Grice J.D. and Chao G.Y.,

35:875-885 - First terrestrial occurrence of titanium-rich pyrrhotite, marcasite,
     and pyrite in a fenitized xenolith from the Khibina alkaline complex, Russia.
     Barkov, A.Y. et al., 1997.

35:1035-1039 - Normandite, the Ti-analogue of l�venite from Mont Saint-
     Hilaire, Quebec. Chao G.Y. and Gault R.A., 1997.

35:1541-1549 - Quintinite-2H, quintinite-3T, charmarite-2H, charmarite-3T, and
     caresite-3T, a new group of carbonate minerals related to the hydrotalcite-
     manasseite group. Chao,G.Y., Gault, R.A., 1997.

35:1351-1352 - A revised computer program for amphibole classification.
     Currie K.L., 1997.
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35:1571-1606 - Recommended nomenclature for zeolite minerals - Report of
     the subcommittee on zeolites of the International Mineralogical Association,
     Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names. Coombs D.S.,
     Alberti A., Armbruster T., Artioli G., Colella C., Galli E., Grice J.D.,
     Liebau F., Mandarino J.A., Minato H., Nickel E.H., Passaglia E.,
     Peacor D.R., Quartieri S., Rinaldi R., Ross M., Sheppard R.A.,
     Tillmanns E., Vezzalini G.
, 1997.

36:775-778 - The occurrence of two rare polytypes of wurtzite, 4H and 8H,
     at Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Chao, G.Y. and Gault, R.A., 1998.

36:779-791 - The crystal chemistry of aegirine from Mont Saint-Hilaire,
     Quebec. Piilonen P.C., McDonald A.M. and Lalonde A.E., 1998.

36:809-815 - The crystal structure of kukharenkoite-(Ce), Ba2REE(CO3)3F,
     and an interpretation based on cation-coordinated F tetrahedra.
     Krivovichev S.V., Filatov S.K., Zaitsev A.N., 1998.

36:817-822 - Refinement of the crystal structure of tadzhikite.
     Hawthorne F.C., Cooper M.A. and Taylor M.C., 1998.

36:905-912 - Nomenclature of the micas. Rieder M., Cavazzini G.,
     D'Yakonov Yu., Frank-Kamenetskii V.A., Gottardi G., Guggenheim S.,
     Koval P.V., Muller, G., Neiva A.M.R., Radoslovich E.W., Robert J.L.,
     Sassi F.P., Takeda H., Weiss Z., Wones D.R.
, 1998.

36:913-926 - The IMA Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names:
     Procedures and guidelines on Minerals Nomenclature, 1998. Nickel, E.H.,
     Grice, J.D.
, 1998.
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36:953-970 - Compositional variation of perovskite-group minerals from the
     Khibina Complex. Chakhmouradian A.R. and Mitchell R.H., 1998.

36:1039-1043 - The crystal structure of Na2MgGd2(Si4O12)F2 and its
     relationship with leucophanite. Maisonneuve, V. and Leblanc M., 1998.

36:1295-1301 - Thomasclarkite-(Y), a new sodium - rare-earth-element
     bicarbonate mineral species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec.
     Grice J.D. & Gault R.A., 1998.

37:1311-1320 - The crystal structure of vuonnemite,
     Na11Ti4+Nb2(Si2O7)2(PO4)2O3(F,OH), a phosphate-bearing sorosilicate
     of the lomonosovite group. Ercit T.S., Cooper M.A. and
     Hawthorne F.C.
, 1998.

37:865-891 - The crystal chemistry of the eudialyte group.
     Johnsen O. and Grice J.D., 1999.
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37:893-899 - Khomyakovite and manganokhomyakovite, two new members
     of the eudialyte group from Mont St.-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.
     Johnsen, O., Gault, R.A., Grice, J.D. & Ercit, T.S., 1999.

37:1045-1078 - Encyclopedia of mineral names: First update.
     Martin R.F. and Blackburn W.H., 1999.

37:1295-1301 - Oneillite: A new Ca-deficient and REE-rich member of
     the eudialyte group from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.
     Johnsen O., Grice J.D. and Gault R.A., 1999.

38:627-640 - Niobokupletskite, a new astrophyllite-group mineral from
     Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.
     Piilonen P.C., McDonald A.M., Lalonde A.E. and Gault R.A., 2000.

38:641-648 - The crystal structure of normandite and its crystal-
     chemical relationships with l�venite.
     Perchiazzi N., McDonald A.M., Gault R.A., Johnsen O. and
     Merlino S.
, 2000.

38:1457-1466 - Adamsite-(Y), a new sodium-yttrium carbonate mineral
     species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec.
     Grice J.D., Gault R.A., Roberts A.C. and Cooper M.A., 2000.

39:1295-1306 - Natrolemoynite, a new hydrated sodium zirconosilicate
     from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec.
     McDonald A.M. and Chao G.Y., 2001.
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  Volumes 40 - 44

41:55-60 - Ferrokentbrooksite, a new member of the eudialyte group from
     Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada.
     Johnsen O., Grice J.D. and Gault R.A., 2003.
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  Special Publications
Special Publication - #1 - Encyclopedia of mineral names
     William H. Blackburn & William H. Dennen, 360p, 1997.

Special Publication - #2 - Glossary of mineral synonyms
     Jeffrey de Fourestier, 435p, 1999.

Special Publication - #4 - New minerals, 1995 - 1999.
     Joseph A. Mandarino, 281p, 2001.

Special Publication - #6 - Mineral species discovered in Canada and
     species named after Canadians.
     László Horváth., 373p, 2003.

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