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     This page contains an exhaustive list of bibliographic references from The American Mineralogist that helped with the construction of this site and of interest to anyone specializing in the alkaline intrusive field or willing to conduct some research on Mont Saint-Hilaire.

The American Mineralogist (by volume)

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     For specific references to any given species, see the suggested reading
at the bottom of their descriptions.

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  Volumes 1 - 39
12:295-296 - Titanoferous elpidite from Mount Chibina, Russian Lapland,
     and its paragenesis; (English abstract). Labuntsov A.N., 1927.

16:344 - Les pegmatites de la syénite sodalitique de l'isle Rouma
     (Archipel de Los, Guinée française). Description d'un nouveau minéral
     (sérandite)qu'elles renferment; (English abstract). Lacroix A., 1931.

24:514-518 - Shortite, a new carbonate of sodium and calcium.
     Fahey J.J., 1939.

25:380 - Chklalovite, (English abstract). Gerassimovsky V.I., 1940.

25:504 - Lovozerite, a new mineral, (English abstract).
     Gerassimovsky V.I., 1940.

32:59-63 - Analysis of ramseyite and lorenzenite. Sahama T.G., 1947.
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35:911-921 - Miserite from Arkansas: a renaming of natroxonotlite.
     Schaller W.T., 1950.

35:1014-1020 - Searlesite from the Green River Formation of Wyoming.
     Fahey J.J., and Axelrod J.M., 1950.

38:932-963 - The crystallography of bastnaesite, parisite, roentgenite, and
     synchysite. Donnay G. and Donnay J.D.H., 1953.

38:1169-1183 - Burbankite and calkinsite, two new carbonate minerals
     from Montana. Pecora W.T. and Kerr J.H., 1953.

39:337 - New occurrence of leucosphenite in oil shale from Utah.
     Milton C., Axelrod J.M. and Sherwood A.M., 1954.

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  Volumes 40 - 49
40:1022-1031 - The pectolite-schizolite-serandite series. Schaller W.T.,

40:1154 - Nenadkevichite - a new mineral; (English abstract).
     Kuz'menko M.V., and Kazakova M.E., 1955.

41:163 - On the new mineral, labuntsovite, and the so-called titanoelpidite;
     (English abstract). Semenov E.I. and Burova T.A., 1955.

42:308 - Vinogradovite - a new mineral; (English abstract). Semenov E.I.,
     Bohnshtedt-Kupletskaya E.M., Moleva V.A. and Sludskaya N.N.

44:1004 - Un nouveau minéral de niobium; (English abstract).
     Safiannikoff A., 1961.

45:221-224 - Identity of calcium rinkite and götzenite. Sahama T.G.,

46:241 - Beryllosodalite; (English abstract). Semenov E.I. and
     Bykova A.V.
, 1960.
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46:241 - Beryllium minerals in a pegmatite in the nepheline syenites
     of Ilímaussaq, South West Greenland. Sorensen H., 1960.

46:379-93 - Neighborite, NaMgF3, a new mineral from the Green River
     formation. Chao E.C.T., Evans H.T., Skinner B.J., Milton C., 1961.

46:1202 - Carbocernaite, a new rare earth carbonate; (English abstract).
     Bulakh A.G., Kondrat'Ev V.V. and Baranova E.N., 1961.

47:539-556 - The determination and refinement of narsarsukite,
     Na2TiOSi4O10. Peacor D.R. and Buerger M.J., 1962.

47:1346-1355 - Brockite, a new calcium thorium phosphate from the
     Wet Mountains, Colorado. Fisher F.G. and Meyrovitz R., 1962.

49:543-555 - Greigite, the thio-spinel of iron; a new mineral. Skinner B.J.,
     Erd R.C. and Grimaldi F.S.
, 1964.

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  Volumes 50 - 59
50:593-612 - McKelveyite, a new hydrous sodium barium rare-earth
     uranium carbonate mineral from the Green River Formation, Wyoming.
     Milton C., Ingram J., Clark J.R. and Dwornik E.J., 1965.

52:860-864 - The morphology of mckelveyite. Desautels P.E., 1967.

52:1762-1769 - Rare earths in the minerals of the joaquinite group.
     Semenov E.I., Bukin V.I., Balashov Y.A. and Sorensen H., 1967.

55:1-9 - Behoite, beta-Be(OH)2, from the Rode Ranch pegmatite,
     LLano Co. Texas. Ehlmann A.J., Mitchell R.S., 1970.

55:126-134 - Villiaumite and the occurrence of fluoride minerals in igneous
     rocks. Stormer J.C. and Carmichael I.S.E., 1970.

55:358-366 - Makatite, a new hydrous sodium silicate mineral from Lake
     Magadi, Kenya. Sheppard R.A., Gude A.J. and Hay R.L., 1970.
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55:1541-1549 - The crystal structure of epididymite. Robinson P.D. and
     Fang J.H.
, 1970.

56:1121 - A sulfide of iron and potassium - the new mineral rasvumite;
     (English abstract). Sokolova M.N., Dobrovol'Skaya M.G.,
     Organova M.I., Kazokova M.E. and Dmitrik A.L.
, 1970.

56:1855-66 - Carletonite, KNa4Ca4Si8O18(CO3)4(F,OH) · H2O, a new
     mineral from Mont St.Hilaire, Québec. Chao G.Y., 1971.

57:765-778 - The crystal structure of carletonite,
      KNa4Ca4Si8O18(CO3)4(F,OH) · H2O , a double sheet silicate.
     Chao G.Y., 1972.

57:1006 - Leifite, revised, and karpinskyite, discredited, (abstract).
     Micheelsen H. and Petersen O.V., 1971.

58:106-9 - The crystal structure of elpidite. Canillo E., Rossi G. and
     Ungaretti L.
, 1973.
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58:116-127 - Kogarkoite, a new natural phase in the system
      Na2SO4-NaF-NaCl. Pabst A. and Sharp W.N., 1973.

58:1113-1114 - Raite and zorite, new minerals from the Lovozero tundra;
     (English abstract). Mer'kov A.N., Bussen I.V., Goiko E.A.,
     Kul'Chit-Skaya E.A., Men'Shikov Y.P. and Nedorezova A.P.
, 1973.

59:335-340 - The crystal structure of ussingite. Rossi G., Tazzoli V. and
     Ungaretti L.
, 1974.

59:633 - Mineralogy of the lovozerite group; (English abstract).
     Kapustin Y.L., Bykova A.V. and Pudovkina Z.V., 1974.

59:875 - Vuonnemite, a new mineral; (English abstract). Bussen I.V.,
     Denisov A.P., Zabavnikova N.I., Kozyreva L.V., Men'Shivok Y.P.
     and Lipatova E.A.
, 1974.

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  Volumes 60 - 69
60:340-41 - Penkvilksite, a new hydrous silicate of titanium and sodium;
     (English abstract). Bussen I.V., Men'Shikov Y.P., Mer'Kov A.M.,
     Nedorezova A.P., Uspenskaya E.I. and Khomyakov A.P.
, 1975.

61:123-129 - Structural chemistry of borosilicates, part II: Searlesite,
     NaBSi2O5(OH): Absolute configuration, hydrogen locations, and
     refinement of the structure. Ghose S. and Wan Che'ng, 1976.

61:1203-1213 - The structure of crichtonite and its relationship to senaite.
     Grey I.E., Lloyd D.J. and White J.S., 1976.

62:167-169 - Barylite, BaBe2Si2O7: its space group and crystal structure.
     Robinson P.D. and Fang J.H., 1977.

62:396 - Thalcusite, Cu3-x,Tl2Fe1+xS4, a new thallium sulfide from copper
     nickel ores of the Talnakh deposits. Kovalenker V.A., Laputina I.P.,
     Evtigneeva T.L. and Izoitko V.M.
, 1977.

62:596 - Sugilite, a new silicate mineral from Iwagi Islet, southwest Japan.
     Murakami N., Kato T., Miura Y. and Hirowatari P., 1977.

64:766-778 - New data on rasvumite and djerfisherite. Czamanske G.K.,
     Erd R.C. Sokolova M.N. Dobrovol'Skaya M.T.
, 1979.
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64:1332 - Sidorenkite, Na3Mn(PO4)(CO3), a new mineral; (English
     abstract). Khomyakov A.P., Semenov E.I., Kazakova M.E. and
     Shumyatskaya N.G.
, 1979.

65:509-515 - Erdite, a new hydrated sodium iron sulfide mineral.
     Czamanske G.K., Leonard B.F., Clark J.R., 1980.

66:217-218 - Dorfmanite, a new mineral; (English abstract).
     Kapustin Y.L., Pudovkina Z.V. and Bykova A.V., 1981.

67:1076 - Revdite, a new mineral; (English abstract). Khomyakov A.P.,
     Korobitsyn M.F., Dobrovo-L'Skaya M.G. and Tsepin A.I.
, 1982.

68:281-282 - Natrite, Na2CO3, a new mineral;(English abstract).
     Khomyakov A.P., 1983.

68:996-1003 - Cerite, RE9(Fe+3,Mg)(SiO4)6(SiO3OH)(OH)3: its crystal
     structure and relation to whitlockite. Moore P.B. and Shen J., 1983.

69:212 - Terskite, Na4ZrSi6O16 · H2O, a new mineral; (English abstract).
     Khomyakov A.P., Semenov E.I., Voronikov A.A. and
     Nechellyustov G.N.
, 1984.

69:813-814 - Umbite and paraumbite, new potassium zirconosilicates from
     the Khibina alkali massif. Khomyakov A.P., Voronkov A.A.,
     Kobyashev Y.S. and Polezhaeva L.I.
, 1984.

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  Volumes 70 - 79
72:173-177 - Refinement of the crystal structure of ramsayite (lorenzenite).
     Sundberg M.R., Lehtinen M. and Kivekas R., 1987.

72:365-374 - Symmetry and crystal structure of monteregianite,
      Na4K2Y2Si16O38 · 10H2O, a double sheet silicate with zeolitic
     properties. Ghose S., Sen Gupta P.K. and Campana C.F., 1987.

72:1176-1189 - Ashcroftine, ca. K10Na10(Y,Ca)24(OH)4(CO3)16(Si56O140) ·
     16H2O, a structure with enormous polyanions. Moore P.B.,
     Sen Gupta P.K., Schlemper E.O. and Merlino S.
, 1987.

73:595-600 - Crystal chemistry of double-ring silicates: Structures of
     sugilite and branockite. Armbruster T., Oberhansli R., 1988.

73:1191-94 - Calciohilairite; the calcium analogue of hilairite from the
     Golden Horn batholith. Boggs R.C., 1988.

76:189-196 - The crystal structure of garronite. Artioli G., 1991.

77:1182-1190 - The free energy of formation of searlesite, NaBSi2O5(OH)2
     and its implications. Yang W. and Rosenberg P.E., 1992.
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77:1250-1257 - Statistical analysis of Fe3+, Ti and OH in kaersutite from
     alkalic igneous rocks and mafic mantle xenoliths. Popp R.K. and
     Bryndzia L.T.

78:415-418 - The atomic arrangement of bastnäsite-(Ce), Ce(CO3)F,
     and structural elements of synchysite-(Ce), röntgenite-(Ce) and
     parisite-(Ce). Ni Y., Hughes J.M. and Mariano A.N., 1993.

78:419-424 - Crystal chemistry of samarskite. Warner J.K. and
     Ewing R.C.
, 1993.

79:308-315 - Djurleite, digenite and chalcocite: Intergrowths and
     transformations. Posfai M. and Busch P.R., 1994.

79:340-351 - Sector-zoned aegirine from the Ilímausaq alkaline intrusion,
     South Greenland: Implications for trace element behavior in pyroxene.
     Shearer C.K. and Larsen L.M., 1994.

79:1185-1193 - Penkvilksite, a new kind of silicate structure:
     OD character, X-ray single crystal (1M), and powder Rietveld (2O)
     refinements of two MDO polytypes. Merlino S., Pasero M., Artioli G.
     and Khomyakov A.P.
, 1994.

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  Volumes 80 -
80:1059-1064 - Reederite-(Y), a new sodium rare-earth carbonate mineral
     with a unique fluorosulfate anion; supplemental data available.
     Grice J.D., Gault R.A. and Chao G.Y., 1995.

82:503-511 - Solid solution in the celadonite family: The new minerals
     ferroceladonite K2Fe2+Fe3+2Si8O20(OH)4, and ferroaluminoceladonite,
     K2Fe2+2Al2Si8O20(OH)4. Li G., Peacor D.R., Coombs D.S. and
     Kawachi Y.
, 1997.

82:946-961 - Structure of monoclinic Na-rich birnessite and hexagonal
     birnessite: 1. Results from X-ray diffraction and selected-area
     electron diffraction. Drits V.A., Silvester E., Gorshov A.I. and
     Manceau A.
, 1997.

82:1019-1037 - Nomenclature of amphiboles: Report of the Subcommittee
     on Amphiboles of the International Mineralogical Association,
     Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names. Leake B.E.,
     Wolley A.R., Arps C.E.S., Birch W.D., Gilbert M.C., Grice J.D.,
     Hawthorne F.C., Kato A., Kisch H.J., Krivovichev V.G.,
     Linthou K., Laird J., Mandarino J.A., Maresch W.V., Nickel E.H.,
     Rock N.M.S., Schumacher J.C., Smith D.C., Stephenson N.C.N.,
     Ungaretti L., Whittaker E.J.W. and Youzhi G.
, 1997.
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82:1255-1260 - Lukechangite-(Ce), a new rare-earth-fluorocarbonate
     mineral from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. Grice J.D. and Chao G.Y.,

83:178-184 - Cordylite-(Ce): A crystal chemical investigation of material
     from four localities, including type material. Giester G., Ni Y.,
     Jarosch D., Hughes J.M. Ronsbo J., Yang Z. and Zemann J.

83:(?) - Substructure and superstructure of four-layer Ca-exchanged
     birnessite 97. Drits, V.A., Lanson, B., Gorshkov, A.I., and
     Manceau, A.
, 1998.

84:1117-1125 - Burbankite, a (Sr,REE,Na,Ca) carbonate in fluid
     inclusions from carbonatite-derived fluids: Identification and
     characterization using Laser Raman spectroscopy, SEM-EDX,
     and synchrotron micro-XRF analysis. Buhn B., Rankin A.H.,
     Radtke M., Haller M. and Knochel A.
, 1999.

84:1445-1450 - Gonnardite: Re-examination of holotype material and
     discreditation of tetranatrolite. Artioli G. and Galli E., 1999.

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